Thursday, 12 April 2007

Catching Up

Events of the past 3 or so months:

- Toroslar Belediyesi, one of the 3 local suburban Mersin councils painted a 4,500 square metre flag on the side of a hill overlooking Mersin. As this editorial concludes, the flag was a piece of self-promotion. Unfortunately, all levels of government waste far too much money promoting themselves at the expense of decent services.

The flag in question

- Plans for a ski resort at Karbogazi in the Gulek region of Tarsus, Mersin Province were made.

- Hungarian DJ Niki Belucci performed at Hot Nightclub, Mersin. Not Safe For Work (NSFW) photos can be seen here and here.

- Southern Turkey's "drought" of 2 months broke.

- Today's Zaman, a new English language daily newspaper began publication in Turkey.

- Hrank Dink, a Turkish journalist of Armenian origin, was shot dead in Istanbul. This incident shook the whole country. Here is an editorial surrounding the incident I largely agree with.

- An American basketballer, Nikki Blue, shared her experiences living in and playing for Mersin

- I went to the Adana races with Peter. This was my first ever day at a Turkish race meeting. I didn't win any bets.

- Vodafone has quickly taken over Telsim's name after purchasing the mobile phone service provider.

- After seemingly years under construction, the multi-storey Marina Vista Shopping Centre opened in Mersin. Located next to Burger King and adjacent to the yacht harbour, Marina Vista is in a very good position. The centre was opened prematurely with most of the spaces then still vacant. That is slowly changing. The top floor has a 4-screen cinema and below that is a food hall including a McDonald's restaurant. McDonald's has not had a Mersin presence for 3 or 4 years. When I first came here there were two restaurants, including one I went to for my second ever Turkish date (she chose the venue).

- The Mediterranean Challenge Cup international tenpin bowling tournament was held at Mersin Rollhouse.

- Peter, Sebi, Tugba, Mehmet and I attended Foster's Party at the Armada Club.

- Pearl Jam announce their 2007 European tour. Unlike last year, this time I won't be attending.

- The cost for an adult to take an intra-city Mersin bus ride rose from 1 YTL to 1.25 YTL.


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Thursday, 7 December 2006

Mersin And Turkey Links And News Stories

Below are some stories I had bookmarked earlier but only now got around to posting:

- Turkey's senior women's soccer team defeated Northern Ireland in Mersin as part of their EURO 2009 qualifying

- An Ak Party member of the Turkish Parliament from Mersin redefines the definition of political cowboy

- An Islamic version of creationism is being heavily pushed by mysterious forces in Turkey

- 2 women journalists arrested in Mersin were finally released after being held for 9 months

- Mersin Sosyete (Mersin Society), a well designed local entertainment portal opened in the summer although I only noticed it recently

- For your viewing pleasure, a video showing some of Mersin Province's highlights:


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