Saturday, 28 October 2006

My New Canon A710 IS Camera

Taking a photo of itself in the mirror

Today, Serpil, a client of my company's visited the office after returning from the US. With her she brought my new camera :-)

Earlier this month I purchased a Canon PowerShot A710 IS 7.1MP Digital Camera with 6x Image-Stabilized Optical Zoom from [ link].

I decided to buy the A710 instead of the Canon SD700 (also known as the IXUS 800 IS) because of the A710's 6x zoom and AA batteries. I wanted a camera with image stabilisation (IS) for better photos in lowlight or when moving. The extra zoom and IS would have been wonderful at the Pearl Jam concerts last month.

To complement the camera I also bought a SanDisk 1 GB Ultra II Secure Digital Memory Card.

I'm very happy to have a camera again and I look forward to shooting more photos and posting them on the blog.


do you love it? i'm in the market for one, and i had narrowed down to the sd700 and a710...i like the extra zoom as well.
Yeah, Mary, I do love it. I've taken so many photos at full 6x zoom - I don't know where I'd be without it.

Coincidentally, I've just posted one of my favourite photos taken with the A710 IS on my blog
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