Wednesday, 18 January 2006


On Monday I drove with Beysun in her Mother’s Renault to Perge and Aspendos, two historical sights east of Antalya.

Beysun in front of Perge ruins

Perge is ruined city set in a large area flanked by bamboo forests and I could have spent hours more there.

A Perge relief

In the undergrowth were both green and brown orchids. I used to love orchids as a child and am still fascinated by them.

Green Orchid

Perge has a ruined athletics stadium, the first I recall seeing in Turkey. The technology (sides were held up by arches) was still very impressive even with the stadium badly ruined.

Beysun running around the stadium

Coming out of Perge we stopped at the large weekly open-air bazaar, a great tradition still found all over Turkey.


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