Friday, 22 April 2005

Hi From London - What A Culture Shock!

Female bus drivers; different keyboards; people of a million different shades; understanding and reading everything; amazing supermarkets; people who gladly and silently queue; hardly a car horn to be heard; foods of every origin; pork; decent Indian restaurants; almost only new cars; extremely expensive; people wearing blue-tooth phone thingies in their ears...

Yes, visiting London has been a culture shock. I am glad to have come here, refresh myself and see an "exotic place" far removed from Mersin.

The trip here from Mersin took almost 24 hours and involved a taxi, 3 buses and two planes.. Yesterday I was met in Hertford (a village north of London) by Jen. We saw a few local places and ate at a great Indian restaurant. I'm sure she is sick of me saying "wow, how amazing" to everything from the supermarket wine displays to, well, almost everything else. Oh, Hertford does have a kebab joint called "Bosphorous". No, I haven't eaten there :-)

Today I went into London for a ride on the London Eye. Sooon, I'm meant to meet some friends at a pub so I must go.



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